Monday, March 15, 2010

A busy weekend results in....

Before I get into the weekend review, I must congratulate my talented six year old. Mikayla won the challenge on Happy Inspirational blog. I really wish she would not have been the only entry. Ha Ha...but she earned it, she did a great job!

We heard news that a friendly church member had to undergo surgery today. She is in our prayers and I made a card to let her know she was on our mind and we wish her a speedy recovery.
And I finished up three "letters" in my journal. Here is the cover again (just to catch you all up to speed)....

C....I am a Christian and....
I am Creative... ( I thought they were both important characters to me, so I used two)
and a side by side view

D...disciplinarian (I couldn't match much "art" to this I know it's a little plain)
This one is a stronghold for me personally, I struggle with my envy of others almost every day. Why do I compare myself to others all the time?

For Christmas, Alexis and Mikayla received T-shirts that they could color. I finally made time for them. It was very hard to let Alexis cut loose on her you can see I did color over it all for her.
Alexis said Ariel had boo-boos (that's the red on her arms). And did you take notice that I colored the fish backwards? He is supposed to be yellow with blue stripes, and I didn't notice till after I was done. Ha-Ha!
And Mikayla was solo on hers...


Sarah Lou said...

I was going to gush all over the flower on that card and then I scrolled down and saw your kick but pages!! Wow. It will be so tremendously amazing when you are done!
Oh and those Tshirts, I need girls to colour tshirts with!!

ps really do love that strip flower on that card!!

Amy said...

Hi Heather!
I would like your mailing address so that I can get out Mikalya's prize. You can email me at Again, she did a wonderful job. Tell her thanks for joining us. We will have another kids contest in April. Maybe she can spread the news to her friends. Have a wonderful day! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah Lou said...

Hey Heather.
I did make the background a few tuesdays ago, It was a potato stamp in white paint, over a servietted painted background.
Connect up your email chick that way I can respond right to the messages to you!

ohh congrats on the prize To Mikalya!