Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The other weekend I had some time to craft some layouts. I thought I'd share....
This was Mikayla's Spring 2010 soccer season. I found this soccer decal for a car in a sale bin at a craft store. I thought it would be perfect for on a layout.
I personally have a challenge of always comparing myself to others. I don't always feel like I measure up, so this quote from a Gary Allen song speaks volumes to me.
This was inspired by a sketch challenge that I did, but not in time to post. Color combo is a little different for me...purple, that's a color I don't use too often. Love this picture of Sam, makes her look so much older.
And a two page layout....I don't do these often, but with all the photos I wanted to use it only seemed right to do a two pager.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday x 2

Our baby turns 4 today! She is such an awesome little girl! She's funny, smart, fiesty, and just so darn lovable! I can't believe she is 4 years old already!

Joe, also, shares a birthday today! He turns the big 42 today!
Happy Birthday Alexis and Joe!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{We} completed some challenges

In continuation of the online crop event at www.itsscraptacular.com , I did complete a few of the posted challenges this weekend {in between the field hockey tournament, soccer games, church events, and work}. And lucky for me, I had a partner in the craft area....my six year old, Mikayla, joined me. So I explained the challenges to her and left her to create.
Here's the creations...
My very first ATC ever! Challenge...use a school theme and at least one school supply. I used two...crayons and staples. The graduation year will be my youngest daughters....man that sounds so far away!
Challenge....use as many photos as possible on one layout. This layout has 9...the little shots on the bottom are from the index prints.
Challenge...use school colors. For me, my graduating school and the school where my children attend are the same...blue and gold...just can't get away from them!
Challenge....meal challenge....my "ingredients: neutral colors, one photo, envelope or pocket, and fruit
Challenge....3 of 3 things...I have 3 photos, 3 pattern papers, 3 pumpkins
Challenge....color or quote....I used the "color" option...I used a black and white pattern paper and used pencils to add color.
Challenge...2 page layout {always a challenge for me}
And my daughters creations....
Sketch challenge....I gave her a little more guidance with this one, but she assembled it
Challenge....school theme ATC {love this one...she did great}
Challenge...use lace {its on there....on the red paper} I was explaining the idea of layers to her....and this was the next project!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another challenge....

My second challenge is to create a mini album. I love the look of mini albums, but I'm often challenged as to what "theme" or pictures I want to put together for a mini album. With four girls {all now in school} this was a great way to showcase their start to the new school year.
I started with a chipboard album and used a non-traditional theme kit {most is basic design, but some papers have a travel theme} and here is what I created. {Pictures are on the way....}
Please join us again at www.itsscraptacular.com this weekend for the online crop event till Sunday and you could win some great prizes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Online Crop Event

Starting today through Sunday there is an online crop event happening at It's Scraptacular Scrap Store Forum { www.itsscraptacular.com }. Come join us for some great challenges, sketches, and games!

My first challenge is to use stamping. I used lots of different stamps in creating my daughters tea party invitations this week. A great technique is stamping on watercolor paper, adding color, and blending...makes it look so "artistic".

Closer look on the color...
And who doesn't love a good guessing game? Can you guess how many Jolly Ranchers are in the container? Sorry I know I should have decorated the container, I just ran out of time. Winner will be the closest without going over.
If you would like to enter, please visit the blog at www.itsscraptacular.com and leave a comment or a link to your designs.
More challenges and games are on the site...come check it out!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leave it to Dad...busted!

The story....last week I had to work an early morning shift till 12:30 in the afternoon. Joe was on third shift that week so after he took Mikayla to school he was going to have to get some sleep. I felt totally fine that since it was a short period of time he could put cartoons on for Alexis and she would be fine.
I got up early that morning and I got both girls feed and dressed for school. I headed off to work. I walked in the back door around 12:45...the first thing I noticed was the cabinet door open in the kitchen where we store the candy....this was not a good sign. I walked into the living room and Joe was sleeping on the sofa....looked over in front of the door and there was Alexis...I mean Princess Glitter! The first thing I noticed was the container of Hershey Kisses and the pile of foil. "What are you eating"...."I was hungry mom"....then I look at her face!!!!!
There was glitter packed on her face...I mean it was so thick around her eyes it was laying on her skin. This particular glitter is not really a "gel" style, it's just a loose body glitter. I am truly amazed that she did not get any in her eyes. My first comment was "Get in the bathroom and clean it up"....then "No sit right there I'm getting the camera". She gladly posed for me...she thought it was beautiful!

Then I seen the bathroom sink....just lovely! Keep in mind, she did all this lovely work without a mirror. When I lifted her up to see herself in the mirror, her face was priceless....all she said was "oh"...lol.

After I cleaned her and the sink up, had the little talk with her about not doing it again {she really was sorry....lol}. I then noticed that wonderful hubby had not put cartoons on for her....he fell asleep with Spike tv on...no wonder she was bored and had to entertain herself! Leave it to dads!

First day of School x 2

Another year of school starts....Yeah! Mikayla was so ready to get back to school, in fact, she asked on the very first day of summer break "when do I go to first grade, mom?"...lol.
She loved her kindergarten teacher and had a great attitude towards school. She was very excited to meet her new teacher {even though she really wanted Mrs. F again}. We had a beautiful day for her first day and got some beautiful pictures of our first grader....

Little bit of a crazy hair part going on....but she did it herself!

I don't know what I did right on this picture....but I love the color of their eyes. This was in front of the neighbors tree....I'll be going there more often!

And we are off walking! She's getting so big, I love her so much!
Then our littlest angel, Alexis, started Preschool this year. Her first day was a couple days after Mikayla's first day. Alexis was so excited to start going to school like her bigger sisters. She did great about not crying and, surprisingly, I didn't cry either! Again, we had a beautiful morning to get some photos.
Some sisterly love....lol!
In front of her new school.
And Alexis heading into the school. She is such a smart little girl, she is going to do great!

No one can say she's not excited, lol! She couldn't wait to get into the room. I love my little peanut!
Off to pick her up!

Friday, September 3, 2010

fun with circles and an ultrasound

One of the more recent challenges on the Studio Calico blog was to use an ultrasound photo on a layout. I loved this idea {especially since I had not scrapped mine yet}. I didn't get the challenge done in time to share on the blog, but I love the memory I saved here!

This layout was inspired by a layout on the Studio Calico blog as well. I thought the circles were fun!
Love the pinks and greens together! A mini story about part of her delivery is in the envelope.

And here is Mikayla now....holding the layout!