Friday, August 28, 2009

This week's Color Combo Challenge

This weeks Color Combo challenge....

and I came up with....
Wish me luck....thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My dream job...

My absolute dream job would be to craft projects at home with my kids and get PAID for it! I know, I know, these jobs are out there, but they are not easy to get. There are a lot more talented people {mostly moms} out there than there are available positions.

I have done a few projects like this adorable, Inkadinkado stamped clock that you can find on Michael's Store website. You can find many creative ideas on the site. Be sure to check it out.

So I'll keep creating and maybe my dream job will connect with my life path.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Album Kick...

So, I'm sure you have all been patiently waiting to see what I came up with on the plain chipboard shapes....
I used DCWV glitter pattern paper and creating a mini summer fun album...
Ice cream...

and tree

What a fun little project!
Then I wanted to do a mini album all about me, however, since I'm usually behind the camera I don't have many photos of myself to pick from. So I made a mini album with words. I used the Cricut to cut out the front and back, added some paper, and used some Inkadinkado stamps to create my "journal" ideas.

To be filled in later....
Update on the potty training...Alexis went on the potty twice so far today {yes that is an improvement} and we had two accidents today. I'm really staying hopeful that we can have her trained by her 3rd birthday {Sept. 20th}.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday recap...

Yesterday we partied with our family and friends to celebrate Casey's 10th birthday. I love this photo of her and her buddy, Camy. What beautiful girls they are...
And Casey acted like a goon...what's with the cheesy smile?

She insisted on wearing her Nickelback t-shirt from the concert she went to. That was her birthday gift this year...her first concert to her favorite band. She loved it, she's such a music junky.
What do you get when you mix a two year old and red chapstick....give's the answer...

We couldn't help but laugh at her, she's so silly! But she did have to sit for a little.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teacher's Card

Ok, so Mikayla is off to kindergarten {all day} soon. I have seen so many cute school theme cards and I just wanted to make one. So I made a card for her teacher...
And as I was making this last night I was thinking...As a parent I'm always curious of opinions on teachers, which parent recommends which teacher, etc. So, do teachers discuss which students parent is great to work with or which parent is awful to deal with? I'm sure they do, but would they really share?!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potty Training - Ugh!!!'s the potty train my 2 year old by her birthday {Sept. 20th}. Do you think I'm crazy? I'm really hoping we can do it, but this morning is not going so great...we have had two accidents, sat on the potty only once, and no luck going in the potty yet.

She's big enough to cycle around the shop on her sister's big girl bike with training wheels...

And Mikayla gladly switches to the scooter....

She loves this bike...

I'm just not brave enough to do the bare naked here we are in just our padded underpants {which by the way are wet in this shot}.
I really hope it will not be a repeat of our last potty training attempt which took till she was 4 to fully train.

Any tips are needed.....

Color Combo Challenge

I have watched the color combo for quite some time but have not participated until now.
Here is this weeks color combo....
And I designed a card...

I love to use brown! It's my second favorite color to ORANGE!

Wish me luck and thanks for looking!
I was in the "top 5" with 75 entries! Yeah! There was a lot of cute entries.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy deadlines

So how do we keep our schedules straight? How do we meet those deadlines? LOTS of lists, right. And, some still get missed.

I had a few hours last night to work on some layouts and hope to post them soon. In the meantime, here is a layout I created for a challenge posted at ...we were challenged to leave "white space"...I just love these large colorful flowers!

And what do you think these wonderful cricut chipboard cutouts will become?
Check back soon to find out!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My little girls

Last Friday our girls preformed their VBS songs. We so enjoyed listening to our 2 year old sing. She was singing all afternoon on Friday. I just had to take some photos...

"My heart tells me to..
pay" {aka: pray}

Then Mikayla was picking her tomatoes...a girl after my heart. I'm so thrilled she enjoys them as much as I do.

Then my girls were having some fun...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not so good cooking

Ok, so last night I was having a great idea to make peanut brittle. The recipe looked super easy and I thought, why not.

As I was making the peanut brittle, I was thinking this really makes me feel so grown up. I'm not a huge fan of cooking and baking. I avoid it at all costs. So the recipe was going so good {I even doubled it}.

However, it did not turn out well in the end {and no I'm not feeling so grown up}. The recipe said to set on a cookie sheet to cool. I used wax paper thinking it would help it from sticking...NOT SO!

I had to throw it in the freezer to really harden so I could break it about and then the wax paper wasn't coming off. I broke up about half the tray and put the pieces {with little bits of paper stuck to it} in a ziploc bag. {This breaking part took place at midnight last evening.} Then I was upset so I threw the other half in the trash. Thinking at least we saved half and went to bed.

Unfortunately, this morning the half that I thought we could enjoy, had molded itself all into a blob!

I didn't even take a photo, I was too disappointed!

However, we did make 'Garbage' last evening {my hubby helped, cause he loves this stuff} and it turned out fine.



3 cups Rice Krispies, 3 cups cheerios, 1 - 12oz jar dry roasted peanuts, 1 - 12oz bag of pretzel sticks, 2 lbs white chocolate

Melt chocolate in double boiler, mix remaining ingredients in large bowl, pour melted chocolate over mixture, mix well, spread on cookie sheet and let cool, break apart

This can be on wax paper! This recipe can be frozen (although ours does last long enough so we never did).

I, also, did alittle crafting last evening. I really love this new Inkadinkado tree stamp. It reminds me of the tree of life.

Hope to get more done tonight!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Casey turns 10!

Today is Casey's 10th birthday! We didn't have any special plans for today...just a small cake for after supper, then rush off to soccer practice.

For her birthday this year we got her a ticket to see Nickelback! She loved it!

Party to follow in two weeks.

A recent shot of our birthday girl...

Happy Birthday Casey