Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alittle craftiness

What a nice break we had in Nags Head, NC last week. This was the first time we visited the Outer Banks area and we are already looking forward to going back. The location of the house was ideal and the house was absolutely amazing and fun! We definitely took a chance going in the off season, but the weather was great! I took almost 600 pictures (I really thought is was going to be more) and I'll be sharing some in the days to come. I'm looking forward to getting order back in the home and getting back to some crafting!

I did take a small inventory of supplies along, but only got one day to find some free time to craft. I came up with this colorful layout. I just love all the yellow and pink!
Then I created this layout to mark "10 months" for Alexis. It's more of an information page and the papers came out a little BRIGHT for me, but the memory is recorded, just not marked as a top ten favorite layout.
Then my budding crafter, Mikayla, had to create. I'm so glad she is into this hobby with me, I'm just really, really looking forward to her being able to create a little more independently.
With our limited resources, this is what we came up with to create "popcorn"...rolled pieces of yellow paper. Since I'm such a hoarder with my pattern paper....I almost fainted when she cut right through the Cosmo Cricket pattern paper (located along the bottom)....she took a large sheet and cut that "creative" design out of the center! Aaagh!
Then to keep me even more littlest angel wanted to craft too! She was really into using the butterfly punch....just wait it's coming. LOL
Ta-Da! How cute....I think she did pretty good for only having half (maybe a little less) of my attention and she's only 3.
Mom (who has not caught the scrapping bug), Mikayla, and myself stole away one afternoon and visited a local scrapbooking supplies store in the Outer Banks. I can't wait to decorate this amazing album....
And the owner had this book on display with some very clever ideas hidden in it. She was very kind to share.

Then of course, one of the well known sites to visit in the Outer Banks is the Wright Brothers Memorial. We did visit the site and listened to a very interesting fellow talk about the Wright Brothers. When I seen these interested pieces I just had to have them for the mini album...

Hopefully I'll have some photos ready to share tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warning...lots of pictures

So I've been practicing my photography....Mikayla is such a willing model. Most of the shots are taken outside at the shop.
And here you see my not so willing model...Miss Alexis...
Here is a better one of Alexis...
Picking weeds...Oh I mean flowers!
And she is only six...
I can see the scrapbook layout already...and I definitely see a monkey design.
Samantha's latest soccer game....Can you find the ball?
"Honey, I really think I need a better zoomer!" I need to get a lens that zooms in on the other side of the field, because it always figures she's playing on the opposite side!
And another day of practice {no I didn't make her do a clothing change}.

And I know the next couple are very similar but I just couldn't choose...I love her face, her smile, and those gorgeous eyes! I wish I could find this skirt in my size, it is so cute!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Photos

It has been a very busy week....I've wanted to post these all week and just didn't get a minute. We had a wonderful Easter holiday and absolutely loved the gorgeous weather! After church I made the kids pose in the yard....the sun was a little harsh and you can definitely see their personalities in the photos. of the girls who likes to have her picture taken.
Sam....I keep telling her she is really going to regret all the miserable faces she sees when she looks back at all her photos. It is so hard to get a nice smile on a picture from her.
Mikayla....Loves to have her picture taken...can't wait till her teeth are back!

Alexis...usually she's pretty easy, but she was not happy with the sun on Sunday.

And all the girls (you wouldn't believe how many bad photos I got of this pose....they can be so challenging at times!)
Me and my honey...(who also doesn't smile nice on photos)
Then after our quick photo opportunity we headed to my mom's house dinner. Of course we had the girls hunt more eggs. Mikayla and Alexis wanted to keep their pretty dresses on. When Alexis got dressed for church she put her socks on in this photo, Uncle Jason helped her get ready.
Here is a closer shot....I just cracked up when I seen them pulled all the way up....what a bird! LOL I thought it was hilarious when she did it {she is only 3} but then when Jason did it too! lol
During the hunt we seen this great action....Sam and Casey both seen the egg on top of the wash line...Sam jumped and bumped it off.....Casey caught it in the air {it really was a great catch}....then they continued to fight for it because they thought it was a "prize" egg because it was made of two different colors.
So while they were busy fighting each other and grabbing the egg out of each other's basket...

Alexis cleaned house and got the most eggs! LOL

Mikayla had the same idea too!