Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't personally like the word - resolution - so I'm going to share some goals I have for the new year - 2011. {These are in no particular order}...

in 2011 I....

would like to host a family picnic...get the extended family together for laughs and relaxation...we all enjoy a competitive game of ladder golf
will turn the big 34

hope we can enjoy a week long family vacation together {and a few weekend camping get aways}
would like to get more photos of sam and casey...other than sport photos
would love to make more time for family game nights....we all enjoy playing games, just have to make the time
will celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary
will make more play dates for my girls to play with their friends
will learn to relax when life gives us challenges {don't take everything so seriously}
would like to make a better effort at getting more work for our machine shop...and work smoother with my hard working husband
will watch many, many soccer games and practices...
and many, many field hockey events
will celebrate birthdays with the girls....Alexis - 5, Mikayla - 8, Casey - 12, Sam - 14
will play outdoors more with the girls and take lots of photos
this is a big one....I will organize my life! I want to go through the house room by room, de-clutter, and reorganize. Spice it up, make it look like my style....it's not going to be easy...it's going to take lots of time and late nights with little sleep....but I will feel so good in the end.
will complete more challenges and submissions...will get more gifts made...will get cards made ahead of time....will count my layouts for the year
take more photo sessions....get more models to give me practice
will make more time for Joe and I to be alone....have date nights....work at strengthening our relationship
make more sewing projects....more applique shirts....more accessories for the girls...maybe teach Mikayla to sew more than a straight line
stay active in my church....monthly breakfasts...teach sunday school...attend weekly service....maybe start a bible study

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