Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leave it to Dad...busted!

The story....last week I had to work an early morning shift till 12:30 in the afternoon. Joe was on third shift that week so after he took Mikayla to school he was going to have to get some sleep. I felt totally fine that since it was a short period of time he could put cartoons on for Alexis and she would be fine.
I got up early that morning and I got both girls feed and dressed for school. I headed off to work. I walked in the back door around 12:45...the first thing I noticed was the cabinet door open in the kitchen where we store the candy....this was not a good sign. I walked into the living room and Joe was sleeping on the sofa....looked over in front of the door and there was Alexis...I mean Princess Glitter! The first thing I noticed was the container of Hershey Kisses and the pile of foil. "What are you eating"...."I was hungry mom"....then I look at her face!!!!!
There was glitter packed on her face...I mean it was so thick around her eyes it was laying on her skin. This particular glitter is not really a "gel" style, it's just a loose body glitter. I am truly amazed that she did not get any in her eyes. My first comment was "Get in the bathroom and clean it up"....then "No sit right there I'm getting the camera". She gladly posed for me...she thought it was beautiful!

Then I seen the bathroom sink....just lovely! Keep in mind, she did all this lovely work without a mirror. When I lifted her up to see herself in the mirror, her face was priceless....all she said was "oh"...lol.

After I cleaned her and the sink up, had the little talk with her about not doing it again {she really was sorry....lol}. I then noticed that wonderful hubby had not put cartoons on for her....he fell asleep with Spike tv on...no wonder she was bored and had to entertain herself! Leave it to dads!

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