Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First day of School x 2

Another year of school starts....Yeah! Mikayla was so ready to get back to school, in fact, she asked on the very first day of summer break "when do I go to first grade, mom?"...lol.
She loved her kindergarten teacher and had a great attitude towards school. She was very excited to meet her new teacher {even though she really wanted Mrs. F again}. We had a beautiful day for her first day and got some beautiful pictures of our first grader....

Little bit of a crazy hair part going on....but she did it herself!

I don't know what I did right on this picture....but I love the color of their eyes. This was in front of the neighbors tree....I'll be going there more often!

And we are off walking! She's getting so big, I love her so much!
Then our littlest angel, Alexis, started Preschool this year. Her first day was a couple days after Mikayla's first day. Alexis was so excited to start going to school like her bigger sisters. She did great about not crying and, surprisingly, I didn't cry either! Again, we had a beautiful morning to get some photos.
Some sisterly love....lol!
In front of her new school.
And Alexis heading into the school. She is such a smart little girl, she is going to do great!

No one can say she's not excited, lol! She couldn't wait to get into the room. I love my little peanut!
Off to pick her up!

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