Friday, November 6, 2009

PageMaps Blog challenge

This a new site for me and my first sketch challenge is....
Now, I'm sure all crafters can relate that some times you are in the middle of a layout or project and it's just not turning out the way you like and when you finish it just really doesn't impress you. Then, on the other hand you have some layouts or projects that you absolutely adore when you are finished. This is the case for this layout!
This is a family joke we kid about with our daughter Mikayla who has very gorgeous pouty lips. {She did not inherent them from mommy and daddy.} So I found a picture that really showed her pouty lips and decided to use it for me theme. I, also, adore the orange and red colors. I think the orange/red polka dot pattern paper is so yummy! I'll be using that more in the near future!

1 comment:

Stacy Milford said...

So ADORABLE! Love the colors, the flowers & your machine stitching! Great job!