Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mikayla's birthday is today!

Oh how time flies, my little princess is turning 6 years old today! What a blessing she is! She is so amazing and I just love to be around her.

Mom: "So, Mikayla do you feel old now?"
Mikayla: "Yeah"
Mom: "You feel old and you're only 6?"
Mikayla: "Not old, but I feel 6 now!"

Seriously, you can laugh at this photo... We can't stop laughing at it! Does she look like a redneck child or what! And the funny part is she's not missing any teeth on the top, those are all her baby teeth yet! I even posted it on Uncle Jason's machine to keep him in laughing spirits all day!
And of course, we got lots of pink for her birthday...its her FAVORITE!
And princesses...{ her little sister, Alexis, loves to play with these too } Mikayla wanted a magic wand for her birthday, so the Fairy Godmother granted her wish....
And pink sparkling pants....she wore them to school today!
And this is the funny act she pulled last night...she put my PJ's on ontop her PJ's...what a corn-ball! LOL
Happy 6th Birthday Mikayla! Love you lots and lots and lots!

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