Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Embellished picture frames

Ever since I started working at our local Target store, I've become a {very, very} frequent shopper....I mean who can pass up all the great deals!

This picture frame was in the 75% clearance section after Christmas. I loved the green pattern paper. I added a sentiment and some paper flowers. I can't wait to use this next Christmas.
This little cutey was in the one-spot and the blink was part of the deal! How awesome!
Oh, I have an entertaining assignment going on in the Garl home this month. I looked at Mikayla's clothing in her closet the other week and I made the comment that I bet she could wear pink or red every day for the month of February and not repeat. So we have started our count...I'll try to post the pictures by the week! {I know I'm easily entertained...LOL}

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