Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Belated} Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Birthday Mikayla

This little princess celebrated her 7th birthday on Thanksgiving this year. She is probably the only child who was excited for Thanksgiving day..HaHa!
She is an amazing little lady and I just love spending time with her, she truly is special, smart, caring, and fun!
Some current "stats"...
* showing the first grade class how to ace all the tests {she really is a teachers pet...that's OK at this age}
* loves to play "house" with Casey and Alexis
* loves to spin around in dresses...the puffier the better
* looking forward to learning how to sew...soon we'll be working on the Christmas dresses
* loves her new DSi {not just a DS...long story}...I just hope she doesn't figure out how to access the Internet
* loves to play games and spend time with all of her family
* looks like a redneck with all her missing teeth right now
* such a beautiful person...lucky to have her for a daughter!

Happy 7th Birthday Mikayla!

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