Friday, November 12, 2010

More October Updates

This should be the last of my belated October updates...{they didn't seem to end}

We made treat bags for Mikayla's first grade class and Alexis' preschool buddies. I seen the moon and ribbon idea online somewhere {sorry I can't give the credit, I don't remember where I seen it}. They were pretty simple to create in large quantities.
Alexis' first Halloween parade...
The class group shot....this was hard to get a good shot...there were a lot of parents in attendance that day! We just love to support our little babies! Aren't they all cute!
The view to our shop is just magical this time of year. I went to pick up Alexis at preschool one day and on the way back I just had to stop and try to save the view. It's so hard to capture the view, it looks so much better in person.
We were actually crazy enough to go camping on the last week of October {Yes, it was very cold...but it didn't rain}. My aunt and uncle joined us for the first time since they just got their RV this year. "Can I check your heartbeat?" Ha Ha
Jesse bought pumpkins for his daughter and our two little ones to carve. Mikayla was into cleaning out her pumpkin....
So much so that she was going at it two hands at a time, lol....
Alexis, however, wanted NOTHING to do with touching the cold, slimy insides! She was good at supervising.
On the sideline at a soccer game...Is it me or does this shot make her nose look huge?
And our little ham....

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