Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journal update and fun...

I completed the next letter in my altered journal. I'm really enjoying this project and I hope to finish it throughout the year...no packing it away to do later. I think the Webster's product worked great on this layout...very girly.

This layout was a class I took at the CKC in Valley Forge last year. I just never got around to adding the photos. I finally added some.

Mikayla had a birthday party invite this month at the local Ozzy's! She had a great time and I was so proud of her when she would include her little sister (maybe the threatening lecture on the way there prompted her too...HaHa). This little cutey is the tiniest little thing...Erica is such a sweet little peanut! Mikayla and Erica are in kindergarten together and they love to write about each other in their kid writing journals.

Now here is some really creative fashion divas....Mikayla was so proud that she put the headband in all by herself! (Yeah, I think you can tell...LOL). It really is a complete coincidence that it matches her shirt.
Then little sis had to have her turn. You go girl! lol


Sarah Lou said...

I adore your B entry again a great word for that letter!!, and those photos of the girls, they are just stunning!!

Laura O'Donnell said...

hi Heather, congrats on your Moxie Fab win! just wanted to stop over and tell you how much I like your card.