Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 Ten {Goals} ~ projects ~ wild child

I know I haven't posted the New Year's Eve trip to Christmas Village yet...but it's coming. However, I wanted to get my goals down in writing. Hopefully this will keep me more accountable.

20 Ten {Goals} - not resolutions
1. complete more craft projects - submit more, sell more
2. learn to utilize camera options - follow through with online photo challenges and lessons (maybe take some photos for some extra mullah)
3. make more time to relax at home with family - say "no" to volunteer requests (sometimes)
4. continue to volunteer at church - add more opportunities to raise funds for church, stay involved
5. get financial budget back on track & put more money away for a rainy day
6.make more opportunities to be out alone with Joe - even just a quite walk together (when its warm outside)
7. attempt a few more (easy) sewing projects - get back to those 4-H roots
8. continue to look for good in all situations (with Gods help) and stop comparing myself to others - we all have hidden secrets - its not always as it appears
9. use talents God gave me - put them to good use - make the time
10. have friends or family over at least once a month to play games or chat ~ mix it up, invite friends we don't normally see often

This is going to be an amazing year ~ I can just feel it!

I've been keeping an eye on the pencillines blog and finally finished a layout to submit. Here is one of the monthly sketches....

And my creation....
I love these pictures of Alexis and I've used some of them before, but it makes me so happy to see her singing about God...LOVE IT!
Recently, I seen a challenge posted on Sarah Lou's blog ( to create a journal. I took the challenge and I'm going to try my best to follow through all year long.
"I am..."

inside cover
first entry...A for Angry

So those of you who know Alexis laugh when we say she is our handful, that she is our wild is proof!
While we were working yesterday, we thought she was watching a movie and coloring in the princess coloring book with CRAYONS...HaHa... no, she was coloring the princess herself with MARKERS (thank goodness they were washable markers)
When she walked out of her room, it really took everything I had to not just crack up laughing. When I went to get daddy I forewarned him not to laugh (which he did!)...gotta love it! And like he said..."At least she didn't cut her hair"..true...marker comes off pretty easy.


Sarah Lou said...

LOL Ive seen a texta child like that recently. very pretty. Your journal looks amazing!! I love the front page and angry what an excellent A word!! it just looks divine!

Jessica said...

i love your journal...that is such a great challenge idea..I just may have to play along myself. those pics of your daughter are so funny and cute....are you going to scrap those? hope so!

daph-a-dills said...

Your journal looks great. I have been keen to follow Sarahs challenge and happier i can peek at 2 LOL