Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm a winner!

I was so excited to find out I was selected as a winner on Moxie Fab Blog this week! What an honor! Check it out here at on January 27th!

We had a funny incident this week....Mikayla ran into a 20 foot high cement wall {I guess she didn't see it...HaHa} and her tooth flew out {luckily it was fairly loose}. So we had lots of blood and lots of tears, but she was OK. This all happened while we were at the church, so we grabbed a bag, which was the old style, no ziploc closer on this bag. And before bed she happily put the bag under her pillow for the toothfairy to find.
The toothfairy waited till about 12ish to go collect her treasure and with one smooth swipe she delivered the dollar and collected her bag with the treasure inclosed. However when the toothfairy got back to her bedroom, she was amazed to find an empty bag! The toothfairy quickly went back upstairs with all the lights now on in hopes that not one of the four girls would become awake and searched for the missing tooth. She swipped all over Mikayla's bed, absolutely surprised that she did not wake up Mikayla in the process, luck for the toothfairy Mikayla sleeps like her mother, very soundly, but no luck, could not find the tooth.
So is Mikayla at age 6 testing the validity of the toothfairy? I think not, but we have a story ready just in case the missing tooth turns up and questions start a flowing.

Have a great day!

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Sarah Lou said...

Thats fantastic - moxie wise anyway!!!
Poor Mikayla what a dramatic way to loose a tooth!!