Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you cards

Our wonderful little girl, Mikayla, is always brain storming. Last month when I was creating her birthday invitations, she thought she should make some for her classmates at school. She cut up some scrap paper into small squares and started coping the info in her kidwriting. She did this to about 24 different sheets. I honestly didn't think anything of it and assumed she played with them and threw them out. However, to my surprise she came home from school on her birthday with a present from one of her classmates. I was totally surprised (I had forgotten all about the invitations she made)..."Mikayla, did he get a gift for other kids when it was their birthday?" "How did he know it was your birthday that day?" "How did his parents know?" (Remember this is kindergarten students.) So I just blew it off, until I ran into one of her classmates at Wal-mart with her mom. The mother told me that Erica came home with an invitation from Mikayla for her party, but there was no date, no phone number, no time, etc. Ah, now I know how Matthew knew it was her birthday...Mikayla handed out her "invitations". LOL
So this is the Thank You card we made for Matthew.
Then for the rest of her Thank You cards for the family and friends I sent my wonderful husband to Wal-mart to get a pack or two of cards. I remember saying "Just get something I would like." And we get plain jane white cards....(Not what I would have picked.) I had to add some color to them....

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