Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher gift and a little embroidery

So I'm really taking a chance here....I really hope my daughter's teacher doesn't blog hop and I hope our friends son doesn't see his birthday gift early! lol {I really think I'm OK.}

I'm hoping this colorful project will brighten Mrs. Foltz' morning! I think this project fits her very well, she is a wonderful, kind kindergarten teacher {and Mikayla adores her}.
I purchased the corkboard in a 4 pack at Michael's craft store. Added some colorful ribbon...
Added some colorful school theme pattern paper, a few crayons, ruler, buttons....
Here is a nice close up...
The apple is a wooden cutout from the craft store and covered with pattern paper.
The corkboard pack comes with double sided adhesive to hang, however, I thought the ribbon would be an easier {less permanent} way to hang. So she has options! lol
According to our oldest girls, our birthday recipient likes Goofy {I sure hope so}. So I dug out the embroidery machine and personalized a sweatshirt.

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Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow, this is so colorful and adorable, I luv color so this is my kinda of thing!

enjoy *~*