Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Family party and an embellished shirt

My mother's side of the family had our annual Christmas party this past Saturday. We always rotate the location, so everyone gets a turn to be Hostess with the Mostest! This year it was Aunt Janet and Uncle Randy's turn. To give more room for our growing family, they set up the celebration at a local JC club. It was nice to have some room to spread out.
Here is Grammy just taking it all in. This woman has sacrificed more in her life then I will ever understand or comprehend. I have a feeling that the memories of her life are locked in her head never to be laid on paper.

This is my crazy cousin Terri and her children (can't see Sierra though). It's amazing how big these kids have grown and how much they resemble their mommy!

This is our little peanut, Alexis. Not sure what this confused little reaction is from.

My aunt Anna have a good hearty laugh. Not sure exactly what the punch line was, but we definitely were having some laughs with the games.

My (very dear to my heart) Uncle Randy! I wish I could repay him for all he has done for me in my life. He is absolutely amazing (and very CRAZY too!)

Mikayla giving me a very mean look because I wouldn't let her have my camera. I've created a monster! (I secretly love it!)

And now my shirt creation....
I got the flower idea from Ms. Elizabeth Kartchner (amazingly creative woman). She had a small clip on Studio 5 (I never heard of it before, but I found it online and watched the clip) that showed how to make these cute flowers out of ribbon. I used ribbon with the wire edge and that made it really easy to scrunch and create the flower.
Then I added an applique cutout from a Cricut pattern. I have been meaning to try this for quite some time, but I waited till the night before the family Christmas party to create it then I got to debut it at the party. I was very excited to receive several nice compliments on it. I think I know what I'll be making for additional Christmas gifts!
NOTE: It held up through the wash too...I was a little worried, but it worked out fine. Just had to readjust the ribbon flowers, very easy to do!

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