Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photo a Day thoughts....

It seems so early in the year yet, but I feel so accomplished that I've taken a photo a day so far.
I find that I'm taking A LOT of pictures with my phone to document the day. I don't feel like pulling out the Digital camera and setting up the features....HELLO this is one of the main reasons I decided to take this challenge on.
 For this photo I was working with the light from the front window. I'm pretty happy with the photo and I left it SOOC {no editing}.
 This is not quite the shot I was envisioning...I was trying to get the pieces in the front sharp and Casey blurred in the background. However, that's not what I got and I liked the results.
 This was a late, Sunday night with no documented photo for the what did I decide to new PJs from Target {PS I do love these funky, warm PJs}
 My little peanut wasn't feeling she lounged around all day. I did have to edit this photo and lighten it up a little.
 This was funny...I noticed the other day how the sun comes in the windows at the top of the steps and shines right down the steps and creates a very bright hallway...Aha! A great location to take photos.
I wanted to try and push myself just a little this year and try to get on the other side of the camera a little more this year {truly a challenge for me, because I'm not happy with what I see on pics...but that's another book} I thought I'd set the camera towards the top steps, set the timer and get some photos....however, the focus was not doing what I wanted it to do, when I was reaching to get it set.
So plan B...I called Alexis {age: 5} out to take pictures for me. She does not zoom in at all, and I had to overly zoom in to crop the photo I sorta liked. So that's how this photo came about and why it's not quite a clear shot.
 This photo totally cracks me up! I am so glad I used my phone to capture this memory. It just amazes me how their personalities come screaming through this shot. {PS..this is in the middle of a Sam's Club store...they are just chillin' and watching Shrek}
 This is a photo I was only inspired to get, because I'm doing this photo a day challenge. This is not an ideal spot to get a family photo, but I wanted to get a family photo on the 12th of the month. It was too dark outside by the time we all got home, so we had to try it inside. I can't wait to try it again this month.
 Another photo that I was lazy and used my phone camera...but I love the effect this camera app. gave to this shot. Looks very old school and vintage. {PS...this book was AMAZING...would highly recommend}
 I was inspired by a photo by Elizabeth Kartchner....loved these signs at Target and since I'm there almost every day...I let Alexis pick a sign and pose, I guess I should have asked for a "nice" smile...haha
 After reading some info about adjusting the white balance, I think I could have improved the photo with removing some of the yellow tint. But I love the memory this captured.
 Another lazy phone shot....
 Another challenge I'd like to work on...indoor "gym" lighting....these shots did not come out the way I would have liked.
My challenges that I would like to work on is using my digital camera more get it out of auto mode and shot some amazing pictures. Don't be lazy and practice. I'm looking forward to warmer weather to get outside and use natural light. I'm frustrated with the light inside our home.
Stay focused and keep trying!

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