Saturday, February 18, 2012

My little cowgirls

I purchased these colorful hats at Target to give to the girls for Easter, however, decided to give them to the girls for Valentine's.
They loved them! I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of them this summer too!

After preschool on Wednesday I grabbed my camera and we did a super mini photo session outside. She is such a crazy model!
 Love my beautiful little girl!
 She loves the propped up leg pose.

 Love the serious expression...if you know her, she is anything but serious!
 This is a better illustration of her personality!
 My sassy girl!
 After school, we were a lot more rushed but I wanted to get a couple quick shots of Mikayla with her pink hat. Because we were so rushed, she really has a stiff pose.
 Again not crazy about her pose, she does not look relaxed, very stiff looking. I need to get her outside and we'll do more pics with the hat.

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