Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preschool trip to Sheerlund Forest

Before we get into the Christmas parties and photos, I wanted to share some activities we have been doing this month.

Alexis' preschool class went to pick out a Christmas tree. It was a cold day up on the hill! But, at least it didn't rain. My bundled up little angel...
look at those eyes {of course they are not looking at the camera}....
After the tree was on the wagon, Alexis was "helping" to bring the tree back....we couldn't have done it with out her.
The guys should the kids how they shake the tree, drill the center hole in the bottom, and wrap it up for traveling. The kids were curious and it kept their attention. She looks so stylish and cool in this photo.
And then of course they enjoyed hot choc. and cookies. Alexis was very upset that she left her cookie to go to the bathroom and one of the other girls accidentally finished Alexis' cookie. Alexis was so funny, she went over to the girl and said "you ate my cookie", but she wasn't mean or yelling. Guess you had to be there, lol.

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