Friday, October 1, 2010

What's happening in our lives....

Sports, Sports, and more Sports....
I have pictures from all the kids playing sports, of course, but only two of the kids on this post.
Sam has moved up to the Junior High school this year and now plays for the school Field Hockey team. She enjoys playing and we are waiting for her to really get passionate about it, we really feel she has talent in hockey, just doesn't show the drive {yet}.
The teams first game was on a Turf field at Gov. Mifflin...
She was a little outnumbered, but she got the pass off.
And then we move to U8 soccer.....This is so fun to watch! Mikayla is playing for the red team this year and she's making more on an effort. She's running more and touching the play just a little bit more, lol!

She almost had a score right before this shot....but just a little to the left.

Love to be a soccer mom!

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