Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An October Update...

I've been a slacking blogger again {sorry}. Our month has been a busy one and I'm finally getting a minute to get caught up. {And the month is not over yet!}
Casey's field hockey club, LAA, hosted a "playdate". Here she is in action.
An online crop event gave me some new challenges to work with.
A two page layout...
Three of Three.... {three pattern papers, three photos, three pumpkins}
Recipe...natural colors, add some fruit, one photo, and an envelope
An Artist Trading card....believe it or not, this is my very first one...this will be for a layout for Alexis, 2025...that's crazy
Mikayla made one too....{not bad for a six year old}
use school colors {blue and gold}....
Use as many photos as possible....{I used the index photos, they are along the bottom}
Mikayla almost had a goal, lol....She received that pass, turned...and there was the yellow goalie, lol!
Samantha playing some junior high field hockey....
Casey had another hockey tournament....This picture just cracks me up....she looks like a leprechaun! LOL
We celebrated Alexis' 4th birthday with family, friends, and some of her preschool buddies. It was a gorgeous day out...so we partied in the back yard. Alexis with her cheesy grin!
Blowing out the candles....this took awhile, lol
Yes, you are looking at it correctly...we bought her a vacuum cleaner! Her preschool has a toy dirt devil vacuum and Alexis added a toy vacuum to her birthday wish list. Well, I figured if I'm going to spend $20 on a toy vacuum why not buy a working vacuum and put my 4 year old to work. She LOVES it and asks to vacuum almost every other day! lol
More to come!

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