Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank You cards and Halloween

I am really hooked on the pink and teal right now! It's crazy! My husband and I coached our 5 yr old's soccer team this year. We received a very nice surprise from one of the players and another player's mother works at a local bakery so she supplied delicious cupcakes for everyone. I thought it was appropriate to send a thank you card to them.
This is for a little girl...I thought she would love the bird.
And this is for our very talented baking mom!
Want a laugh...
Last evening we took the children to the elementary school for safe trick or treating. Our three year old wanted to be a puppy this year, so we had a costume from a previous year that she could use. However, it was a little snug for her. It is a one piece outfit so it kind of crept up for her. As we were putting it on Alexis told me "It's splitting my butt!" HAHA!
That is classic! I'm sure you'll see a layout in the future with that title!
Have a Happy Halloween!

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