Friday, October 16, 2009

CaRds and WiLdliFe

Ok, so the title is a little "creative" today...I liked the look of the mixed letter styles. Don't mind it. lol
I have appreciation for all wildlife photographers...those creatures just don't like to stand still for the camera! Here is our local friend {which my kids have named Todd - due to The Fox and The Hound}...he was on the run till I got the camera ready. This is our view out the back of our machine shop...makes it appealing to come to work every day!
This is our neighborly Blue Heron. He's seen a lot more often than "Todd". We have nicknamed him "Pterodactyl". (The really are quite large birds.) Here he is flying over the river....
And then sitting on his rock. Its a little hard to see so I drew a cute arrow.
For my hubbys birthday I wanted to make a card that was masculine. I thought this "worn" look was very masculine.
I used two pieces of 5 by 5 cardboard for the card and attached them together with ribbon and brads.
Mikayla wanted to create a card for uncle Jason's birthday. Here is her creation. Remember she is only 5. I think she did a wonderful job!
Love all the stamps!

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