Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She's just like me....

Ok, so of all the traits my daughters could pick up from me, I really would not choose that they not be a morning person. Our mornings are so hectic and it really should not be. We pick their clothing out the night before to save that hassle. Then I usually hit the snooze about 4 times {not a good trait at all}, but then I'm all about rushing...my children are not.

I kid you not...it took Mikayla about 25 minutes this morning to eat a small bowl of cereal. This is too much stress for me! lol It is pretty awesome that Alexis can get herself undressed and partly dressed in the morning {that saves me a few minutes}.

I really am so impressed that we have not been late to school {yet} and we even had enough time to walk to school about half the days so far.

Each morning I vow to get up earlier the next day so we don't have to rush so much, but then when the alarm rings I just want 5 more minutes.

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