Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photos of the excited birthday girl!

Alexis was so excited about all her wonderful gifts on Sunday. She was smiling the entire time! One of her favorite snacks is cheese you can see she ate some prior to the photo.

One of the big sisters, Casey, is helping Alexis read her cards and open her gifts. She was a very big help.

I think this picture sums up Alexis' excitement! This was prior to opening the gift, this was just telling her who it was from. LOL....precious!

I really had good intentions to get some work finished last night, but till we got homework completed, kids showered, and off to bed we just relaxed in the hot tub. That was nice too!

I created this card over the weekend. I just loved this little cherry stamp from Inkadinkado.

I'm really getting excited for the scrap pink event this Saturday! An entire day of scrapping without the kids or hubby to interrupt....Oh my! I'm, also, looking forward to a date night with hubby Friday night...Chill Lounge and Temple Fire Co.

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