Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Completely random thoughts....

*i'm hooked on watching the food network lately {very unusual for me, because I don't really enjoy working anywhere near the kitchen}
*Alexis thought it was cool to cook like the chefs on tv...and I thought it was cool too
 *my sleep schedule is all screwed up from black friday...some days it really sucks working retail
*i'm excited to get the Christmas decorations up...hopefully throughout the week it will be completed
 *feeling a little relief that we started our Christmas shopping....we have a very LONG way to go, but it's started!
*current favorite app on phone....Slice It!
*really disappointed that i have not been taking many pictures lately...I didn't even get pictures of the girls in their halloween costumes...that makes me mad {at myself}
 *current book I'm reading...The memory keepers daughter (just started, but it's very good so far)
*I'm really discouraged with my work situation right now...very few hours...usually weekend...and the pay is TERRIBLE...but I do love to talk to the guests...that's my favorite part {besides the discount}
 *loving our new living room furniture...it was so very long overdue
*some days it's hard to believe that my girls are 5 and 8 already....I absolutely love to watch them grow and we laugh together so much
 {did you notice she is squeezing the orange...just like on tv...I love it}
*secretly hoping that one of the girls goes to votech for culinary training...i mother can wish can't she
*i'd love to treat myself and my girls to a peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks tomorrow...yum
 *most days i feel like a detective catching my stepdaughters in "untruths"...i just don't remember this stage when I was a young teen...{i take the lies very personally}
*current weekend plans...birthday party with family and friends for Mikayla's 8th and Samantha's 14th {14 already....hard to believe it's almost 10 years}
 *feeling very blessed that Joe is a very hard worker and a very smart worker
*i'm completely amazed with how many hours my hubby has worked this past weekend and with very LITTLE sleep....don't know how you keep going...thank you for working so hard for us
 *thankful that my girls made some great memories with their Oma this weekend...rode horses, parade, etc.....priceless to me that they are so loved
*will start to pray that my girls do not grow with the feeling I have, that I'm not good enough...there is always someone better...I want them to be strong, confident young women who can see their personal strengths
 *need to get organized and plan to host a bible study next year...i'm really looking forward to doing another Beth Moore study...i miss her emotional teachings...she really puts a spark in my walk with God!
*looking forward to volunteering at the elem. school this week...math tutoring
 *it seems like a little, unimportant thing....but I love to see my girls doing things with their daddy....just hanging out and talking...raking the nuts in the yard...playing soccer in the back yard...I just love to see them bonding
*i really, really dislike the elem. school grading system....1, 2, 3, or 4...why did we have to change the good old way of percentages and A, B, C, D, or F...I know I'm not alone with this feeling
 *i need to make more time to craft just for myself....looking forward to a crop event in January
*yesterday when I drove to Bethel to pick up the girls at Oma's...I cried because I miss my dad, he was such an amazing man and i wish my girls and husband could have met him...it will be 15 years next month
*i'm looking forward to a family vacation next year...i just want to go away and do some site seeing...something new, something to make my girls' eyes light up
*if you happen to read this, Joe...I love you and be safe at work!

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