Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to school....

Of course the kids get anxious about back to school, but I have to admit....I really look forward to back to school too!
I get excited helping to pick out the perfect first day outfit....

the perfect backpack to last throughout the year....

I look forward to the new daily schedule {don't really like the part of having to get up early everyday, but....}

I enjoy walking to school with Mikayla {and Alexis}...we have some interesting conversations and make some lasting memories. Some afternoons Joe gets to join us ....

we'll never forget the time we got caught in a downpour on the way home....we all giggle when we remember it

i love to hear the new things the girls learn in to sit and read with the girls....Mikayla is at the stage where she can get through an easier kids book and that is so exciting {yes, I'm easily entertained}

I love to check over homework and correct it....I feel like a teacher with my different colored pen....haha

i look forward to volunteering in the school and meeting my children's friends and the teachers in their environment

since I still have a preschooler....I totally enjoy all the field trips....especially in the Fall when we go to pick it!

It is awesome to hear teachers telling me how my girls are doing in school....they do amazing...they are so smart

along with the start of school comes the start of Fall to cheer my girls on from the sidelines {yes, the practice and game schedule can become very overwhelming....but it is worth it}

alittle later in the school year....I get excited when the girls get a snow day and we get to spend the day together

i enjoy the after school activities that the school bingo, safe trick or treating, etc.

it makes me smile when my girls are super excited to show me the projects they made in school

I can pretty much talk to when I get to meet more school moms that is exciting to me!

i love to look through book order forms and find the fun books at amazing prices

i just love to watch me girls get excited about learning and meeting new friends...this is such a lifelong lesson that is amazing!

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