Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday party and Mikayla's crafts

This month is a very busy {birthday} month for Mikayla's kindergarten class. She had three party invitations this month, luckily they are all on different Saturdays. This was the first party, for the month, and they used an indoor carnival theme. The kids really seemed to enjoy it.
Here Mikayla is lining up to throw a ping pong in cups {early training for beer pong? ~ maybe ~ lol}.

Even though this is the back of Alexis I really like this shot. I like that everyone is cut out and the colorful cans look bright against the white background.

And who's idea was it to use blue icing? She just loves to eat it with her fingers. I am happy to report that it all came out of her clothing {I was a little worried}.
This is the card I created for the birthday girl. I had the challenge of using brads on a project, but never got around to posting it anyway. I really like the pink and teal together, very cheerful looking. I'm really into the banners right now {as are many other trendy crafters}.

Mikayla loves to continue to craft with Mommy. She wanted me to cut out a flower on the cricut, but I punched a flower for her instead and told her to "create" the rest of the flower. I think she did an awesome job.

What you can't see is under the many layers of green grass are roots! LOL - I love it! The sun is awesome too!

Here is the inside of the card. I think she got a little overwhelmed with using up paper here. Don't know what else to say to this one, lol!

This one is great....this is her flower! LOL! I have this at work hanging on the bulletin's quite a unique looking flower. It makes me smile.

And her craft area looks just like mommy's....quite messy! But she did a great job cleaning it up, not a trace of paper left in the living room.


daph-a-dills said...

wow how precious, lots of creativity happening :)
Oh on the groupie thing, its just something we did. My sil, our friend from playgroup (who has since become a great friend) and then Sarah invited Beth who she found in blog land and lived local looking friendships....perhaps you could put something together.
We are only small, but thats how we like it :)

Sarah Lou said...

Oh thats a lucky person who gets her beautiful card! Tell her I said its fantabulous! I love the card that you made - those stamp alphas perfect and love the bunting!!
Ps the group just evolved over time, we started once or twice and then just kept going! Move to Australia and come join us!!