Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{Belated} Valentine Post

I had a little photo op with Mikayla and Alexis recently so I wanted to share two favorites...
My little girl, Mikayla, looking so much older than 6. She is so awesome, I love her dearly!

And who could resist this cute set of puckering lips! This is really a rare occasion for crazy Alexis, she usually isn't the hugs and kisses girl. What a beauty! {And she knows it!}

We originally thought we were going to be making about 90 ladybug valentines for the girls to take to school, however, Samantha and Casey didn't have the number of girls and boys in their classes and they ended up staying at their mother's house last week due to all the snow. So, we lucked out and only made about 28.
Most of them were the smaller size, but the teachers got the bigger size. These two were for Oma and Grandpa Doc.
I think my favorite part was not having to worry about envelopes and using a leaf to add the recipients name on.
Inside the ladies card...."Hey LittleLady"
Inside the boys card...."you make my heart flutter"
I wanted to keep the kids cards simple and easy.... I really love to sew on my paper projects.
For hubby's card I wanted to try and get a little more masculine. I used a wood grain on the front of the card and used some word play...
I created a mini {4x4} book...
On each page is additional, handwritten, personal comments.


Jessica said...

beautiful projects and beautiful girls!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh I cant tell you how much I love that card you made for your Dh!! Its almost as stunning as your beautiful girls! Love those puckering lips! The ladybugs are so darling!!! Makes me wish we gave out valentines like that.