Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Long...

It has been far too long since I posted....just not enough time in the day.

We've had a very busy summer {like normal} and started into our school year. I love this time of year...getting back to school schedules and looking forward to Fall!

The girls all picked out new outfits for the first day of school. Alexis was pretty easy to find something that fit her taste. Love this fashionable outfit from Gap {and huge bonus....it was on the sale rack}...Mikayla had a little harder time finding the "perfect" outfit, but when she seen this flowing, bright pink top she was in LOVE.
 Of course, we had to have a little rain the morning of the first day of school...so we had to take pictures on the back porch.
 So hard to believe that this little peanut is off to kindergarten. It has been an adjustment this summer to start my days apart from her. As I have been a self-employed and stay-at-home mother with her since she was born. I settled myself back into a full time job about a month before school started. It was an adjustment for us, but it went very smoothly.
 She is so easy to photograph, she has such beauty and charm. I love the strength she has and the way she can just crack you up. She really is a ray of sunshine to our family.
 Beautiful Mikayla....heading into the big 3rd grade with a very eager attitude towards school.  She is so in love with school and everything that school can give her. I have never met a child that wanted to help more than this little lady. She is so very smart and she just wants to be helpful, kind, and she'll do everything to make you happy.
 She certainly opened my fashion world to the color pink, because it is her staple....she just LOVES it!
 Alexis definitely looks up to her sisters and she usually does well holding her own. She looks so charming in her fashionable feather earrings and stylish tote bag just like her big sisters.
 It is going to be another great school year for the girls!
 A project I have been wanting to get to......and I finally made the time.
I wanted to get a stylish camera bag, but I really didn't want to pay $100 for it...SO

purchased a purse for $35...
 some material for $7 and quilt batting for $5 and made my own camera padding for the purse...
 fits my two lens and my camera in...I'm so excited how it turned out!
 Probably the more likely way I'll be toting the camera....one lens ready to go!

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