Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness

I don't think it is a huge surprise that we are getting back into racing. It has been a few years since Joe and I have been on the track, but now we are going to give our youngest a turn. With two parents that raced for years....we think it's in her blood!

Alexis with her serious eyes...
 getting geared up....
 having a chat with the owner {better known as daddy}
 taking some practice laps..

 she is doing awesome...can't wait to see her on the track with other karts
 went for a walk on the newly paved walking trail behind our is very nice
 celebrated St. Patricks Day...Alexis got a colorful treat from one of her classmates
 Alexis was invited to a monster high theme birthday party...our girls have not really taken an interest in them, so we did a little research and this was the outfit we came up with...
 she thought it was so silly to tease her hair so poofy....if she only knew how we used to tease them every
 Spring session soccer games have started...Mikayla and Casey each had their first game pretty much at the same time, so Joe and I had to split up....unfortunately they both started out the season with a loss

 I dyed my hair...definitely can see the blonde in the photo..but I also have some red highlights too
 We took the smaller girls to a night at the circus...we had an AMAZING time, it was so much fun!

 Joe really enjoyed the ladies outfits...I wonder why?...He was tempted to throw out some $1...haha
 This woman was net below...and no safety cables...only hanging by the tops of her feet...CRAZY
 Mikayla's favorite skit...these three quickly {magically} changed their outfits about six times...she loved it
 the million dollar ride on an was definitely worth the donation are seeing it elephant balancing on a ball....very impressive
 working on the kart day....

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