Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alexis' last year of preschool...

It has been quite a while since I posted....don't know where the time goes.

Alexis started preschool about two weeks after her sisters started school. It is so hard to believe that this will be our last year of preschool. Alexis was super excited to start school again.
 Alexis is an extremely funny little girl. She cracks us up! She says the funniest things at just the right time.
 Alexis is such a beautiful little girl. It is so awesome to hear all our friends and family comment on her eyes. She really has bright blue eyes that scream for your attention.
 She loves to carry her backpack every day. But they hardly ever get papers to put in their backpack. Most of their artwork is displayed in the school.
 Alexis is a very smart little girl. Not to take any credit away from her, but she has a huge advantage with having older sisters. She learns a lot from hearing conversations with her sisters. She recognizes almost all of her alphabet {misses about 5 to 7 every time} and she is learning math skills already.
 She's not too interested in crafts's like pulling teeth to have her color a picture. She definitely didn't take after me in that area.
 She really enjoys playing with her school friends. She talks about lots of kids in her class and shares some conversations almost every day.
Alexis loves to dance! She really has some *amazing* moves! 
 She has an addiction to shoes {already}...she has used her allowance and gift money to buy about 6 pairs of shoes....crazy but cute!
 She loves to drink my coffee.
 She definitely does not understand the words "hurry up"...there is NO rush in this girls takes her forever to do things...she is so easily distracted.
 she is not a neat kid...she is not good at cleaning up....I think that is another trait of a baby sibling {my younger brother was not good at cleaning up toys either}.
 She had a great first day of preschool. All the excitment tired her out and she took a nap that afternoon.

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