Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not so good cooking

Ok, so last night I was having a great idea to make peanut brittle. The recipe looked super easy and I thought, why not.

As I was making the peanut brittle, I was thinking this really makes me feel so grown up. I'm not a huge fan of cooking and baking. I avoid it at all costs. So the recipe was going so good {I even doubled it}.

However, it did not turn out well in the end {and no I'm not feeling so grown up}. The recipe said to set on a cookie sheet to cool. I used wax paper thinking it would help it from sticking...NOT SO!

I had to throw it in the freezer to really harden so I could break it about and then the wax paper wasn't coming off. I broke up about half the tray and put the pieces {with little bits of paper stuck to it} in a ziploc bag. {This breaking part took place at midnight last evening.} Then I was upset so I threw the other half in the trash. Thinking at least we saved half and went to bed.

Unfortunately, this morning the half that I thought we could enjoy, had molded itself all into a blob!

I didn't even take a photo, I was too disappointed!

However, we did make 'Garbage' last evening {my hubby helped, cause he loves this stuff} and it turned out fine.



3 cups Rice Krispies, 3 cups cheerios, 1 - 12oz jar dry roasted peanuts, 1 - 12oz bag of pretzel sticks, 2 lbs white chocolate

Melt chocolate in double boiler, mix remaining ingredients in large bowl, pour melted chocolate over mixture, mix well, spread on cookie sheet and let cool, break apart

This can be on wax paper! This recipe can be frozen (although ours does last long enough so we never did).

I, also, did alittle crafting last evening. I really love this new Inkadinkado tree stamp. It reminds me of the tree of life.

Hope to get more done tonight!

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